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Hagen at Rails Girls

As an IT recruiter, I was working on one project where Ruby developers were needed. The more I talked to Ruby guys, the more I got interested in the language because it’s one of the simplest programming languages according to them. For non IT people like me it’s probably the easiest one to learn.

I always wanted to make my own website so I was very pleased when Láďa Prskavec wrote me about Rails Girls. Rails Girls is a global event and was created to introduce the information technology world to girls/women, to help them infiltrate in the IT world and build a web application based on their ideas.

The first thing I did was to ask my managers to sponsor the event because the admission was free so some sponsorship was needed. My boss was kind enough to agree with me on this one.

It all began on Friday last week with the installation party to prepare our computers for the coding weekend. The main programming and learning part took place on Saturday and Sunday. The attendance was high, about 60 girls and 20 coaches.

Láďa Prskavec and Karel Minařík first introduced themselves, the event and the sponsor; Hagen was one of them. The groups were made and so we started. Each coach had 3 girls in a group. We had presentation about programming. Karel Minařík explained it very well, and stressed the exact things that bother the beginners the most (ex. Why does “int main()” have to be “there”?). Several other presentations and active coding followed. All coaches were really patient with us, explaining what every step means and what it does to the application.

I could see that it paid off because everyone was having fun and enthusiastic about tapping code in the terminal and Sublime text. There were some breaks at times when everyone had the opportunity to talk to other girls, coaches or there were some “geeks” who coded all the time.

In the end of the course, we managed to create our own web application, learn the basics of programming and HTML/CSS design and have a lot of fun with the coaches and the other Rails Girls. It was a great weekend spent with amazing people. Looking forward to the next one.

Here’s my first app.

Nguyen Bach Luu Ly
IT recruitment specialist at Hagen HC

Luu Ly at Rails Girls

Luu Ly at Rails Girls

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