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Hagen hosting CZ Podcast / Hagen hostuje CZ Podcast

On Wednesday 17th December, Hagen Human Capital will be hosting ‘CZ Podcast’. Started in 2006, and hosted by Roman ‘Dagi’ Pichlik and Jiří ‘Filemon’ Fabián, ‘CZ Podcast’ is the most popular Czech podcast in the IT community. This month’s special guest will be Jakub Nešetřil, Founder & CEO at Apiary. Be sure to listen in! —————————————————————————————————————— Ve středu 17. prosince, se bude konat další díl “CZ Podcast” v prostorách Hagen…

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Invest in Czech Republic 2014

Hagen Human Capital is proud to sponsor the Invest in Czech Republic 2014 publication. Invest in the Czech Republic 2014 provides a comprehensive overview of the Czech Republic and its investment landscape, including sections on manufacturing, banking and financial services, science, energy, transport and construction. Also highlighted are key growth areas such as software and ICT, business support services, renewable energy, tourism, life sciences, aerospace and advanced automotive engineering. In…

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Rails Girls Prague 2014

As an IT recruiter, I was working on one project where Ruby developers were needed. The more I talked to Ruby guys, the more I got interested in the language because it’s one of the simplest programming languages according to them. For non IT people like me it’s probably the easiest one to learn. I always wanted to make my own website so I was very pleased when Láďa Prskavec…

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programming languages

Looking for programmers or other IT professionals in Czech Republic?

Why should you work with us? Every recruitment agency says that they do things differently. You hear that all the time. So WHY are we different? Firstly instead of just relying on the standard resources for IT candidates, such as job portals and placing job adverts, we are always thinking about more creative ways to engage with IT professionals (including developers/programmers, consultants, testers, etc.) . For example we are early…

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An Idiot’s Guide to Employee Engagement

At Hagen Human Capital we understand the incredible importance people have in generating long term business success – so much so we named ourselves Human Capital! For an in depth treatise on the subject we would recommend you take a look at the work of Nobel Laureate Gary S.Becker. For a somewhat more concise look at the subject of employee engagement we recommend this Forbes article by Edward E.Lawley who…

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girl looking at camera

The Incredible Power of Not Taking Credit

In today’s competitive workplaces most us assume it’s necessary to speak up when we have done something noteworthy at work. At the very least it’s nice to get a pat on the back from the Boss and if we are seen to ‘add value‘ to the company perhaps it will help us get noticed by the powers that be? In this article Bruce Kasanoff explores an alternative approach – i.e.…

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Michael Scott

The 15 Most Annoying Coworkers of All Time

People of course are all different, however sometimes certain office ‘characters‘ can be easy to spot – some of the more obvious types can be seen in all their glory in the movie ‘Office Space‘ and no doubt many of you have had the misfortune to have a manager like David Brent from ‘The Office‘ In this article Ilya Pozin takes a light hearted look at the 15 most annoying…

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basketball player

15 First-Job Lessons From Some Amazing Senior Leaders

The best advice is often imparted to us early in our careers. Indeed our first managers can often have a profound effect in how we conduct ourselves throughout our professional careers. You may find when you are faced with a challenging situation at work you ask yourself ‘how would my old boss have approached this?‘. In this article by the author Chester Elton, 5 top business leaders impart the advice…

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James Caan

Five Steps To Get The Right Deal For You

You have passed three rounds of interviews and successfully completed various technical tests – then you receive that momentous phone call…‘Mr./Mrs.X we would like to offer you the job!‘ Great where do I sign? – then you notice the slightly disappointing salary they have offered you. At this point some people may walk away from the offer – however if you have prepared yourself well you can turn this situation…

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17 things you need to know if you want to be a charismatic leader

What do the likes of Bill Gates, Winston Churchill and Bill Clinton have in common? Sure they have all been hailed as strong leaders – but perhaps what really set them apart from others is their obvious charisma. If you pick up any ‘self-help‘ book you can no doubt learn some tips and tricks to help you become more successful in life. Personal charisma however, has always been thought of…

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